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Writing a letter of love, how do I begin?

Set Aside Time. Clear your calendar. Turn off the TV and put your phone on silent. It’s your protected time to be alone with your thoughts about the most important to the world. These aren’t concepts that can be defined in 140 characters or less. This is what you declare to the world to be your passion, your muse…your love. Take the time.  

Get Comfortable. You’ve already cleared away the distractions from things you see and hear. Now get rid of those things you could feel. Put on something comfortable. Find or create a space that feels like home. Put yourself in a position that your focus is only on getting your thoughts to move from your heart and mind to paper.  

Practice. If you haven’t handwritten a letter in a while, there are going to be errors. You are going to “dot your t” and “cross your i.” You’re going to add an extra swoop or whorl. You’re going to misspell a word and at times you’re going to cross things out and want to start over. IT’S FINE. You only have to mail the one letter. The other ones you can use to start the fire the next time you write.

Finding inspiration for expressing yourself.

Set the Mood. You know your moods. And you know the moods you share with your love. Set the atmosphere to match that mood. Build a fire. Play music in the background. Drink a glass of wine….not a bottle. Be at comfort and at ease so you can relax and let the words flow.  

Use Your Voice and Listen. Chaucer and Shakespeare and Byron and all those guys could turn a phrase. They wrote about love and made it seem almost effortless. But their words are theirs. Yours are yours. Relive your experiences together and how they made you feel. The fact that they are yours together is what makes them magical. Their words are awesome, but yours have meaning for you both. And that’s awesomer.  

Feel It. Say It. Mean It. This is the step. This is where it happens. THIS IS WHERE YOU HAVE TO BE BRAVE. There’s no place for timidity or cowardice in love. This is a heart wide-open, baring of the soul exercise that has only one purpose: showing someone just how much you love them. So, take that deep breath, that extra shot of bourbon or whatever you take to bring it out. Then…