We can help you make a memory that will last a lifetime through the power of written expressions of love. Our caring staff will work with you to create the perfect letter for your loved one. You can select and add to one of our curated most famous love letters of all time, or create and customize the delivery of your own work of words. Either way, your loved one will receive their most memorable gift ever.

Order by Feb 5th for Valentines Day Delivery!

Letter Types

Select a Historical Love Letter

We've hand-picked some of the most beautiful and inspiring love letters of all time and crafted the inspirational story behind them. You'll select the category you'd like to send - such as New Love, Crazy for You, Letters for Mom, etc. and we'll deliver a personalized version of the letter, including the inspiring story behind the original to your loved one. Choose your voice - man to women, women to man, man to man or woman to woman. For a full listing of story categories and samples click here

Create Your Own

You provide the words from your heart and we'll do the rest! Our Cyrano Letter team will handwrite your letter on the finest italian writing paper, and add special touches, such as a wax seal, fragrance or fun insert that will make your declaration of love truly stand out and pass the test of time. If you are stuck on a phrase or even spelling, let our Cyrano Letter orators help you to complete the perfect way to say I Love You.

Special Touches

As part of your Cyrano Letter creation, choose any three (3) of these special touches to customize your letter for your loved one.

Artisaire wax stamp

Wax Seal

Wow your love with a modern formula for sealing an envelope from Artisaire. They've created a new take of a traditional recipe. By adding in flexibility and durability enhancers your wax seals survive the stresses of mailing and makes an impact.

USPS love stamp

Romance Postmark

Your thoughts and words deserve special handling and care, beginning from their point of origin. We'll postmark and mail your love letters from Romance, AR. What better starting point is that? 

love letter for men

Handwritten Letter 

We'll take the time to hand write your letter for you to give that special look to the words and love you are expressing. Each letter becomes a work of art containing your expressions of love. (only availble with custom letter) 


Eveyone loves glitter in their letters! We'll maybe not eveyrone, but we have it on good authority that some of you out there do.


Make your letter smell nice and tickle the olfactories of your loved one with a selection of perfume or cologne for you to choose from.

Only the finest materials and partners are used to create your Cyrano Letter (okay, maybe not the glitter, it's just cheap plastic).

What Our Customers say:

"My wife has not been this suprised by something I gave her in a long time!" Jim S. - St Louis, MO

"This is a really clever way to give a new kind of gift, one that I can personalize way more than that tiny card for flowers." Bill M. - Fort Worth, TX

"My mom was really suprised and enjoyed reading about the letter I selected for her. She keeps talking about how thoughtful it was. I'll defnitely be sending more Cyrano Letters in the future!" Cindy L. - Charlotte, NC 

Surpise your loved one with a gift that lasts.

Our team takes pride in hand crafting your message to make an impact on your loved ones both now and for years to come. Show and grow your love with a Cyrano Letter.

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